3 reasons why expats love living in Brussels

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Brussels is a place where international business people, diplomats, and NGO members work, live, play and learn. The Belgian capital is an attractive location for people looking to do business or make their home in Europe.

If you’re asking why expats love living in Brussels, here are 3 reasons.

Brussels opens a world of educational opportunities

Brussels provides a wide choice of local and international schools offering education in many languages. Generations of expats graduate in Brussels.

Brussels is home to world-class international schools for both primary and secondary students. With almost 30 international schools to choose from across the city, parents and students alike will find curricula, sports, and cultural activities to suit all needs and aspirations.

Brussels provides access to outstanding healthcare at a reasonable cost

A very efficient healthcare system that is accessible and available to all. Don’t worry: everybody’s taken care of in Brussels. Belgium offers one of the world’s most efficient and most accessible public healthcare systems: it’s affordable and available to all.

The city is home to 30 hospitals, with 80,000 beds and 40,000 healthcare professionals. There are no administrative obstacles to getting rapid access to the best available care and treatment, to flexible and affordable healthcare plans and a wide choice of medical centers, doctors and specialists.

Brussels provides a great quality of life

When it comes to family life, leisure time and cultural activities, Brussels offers some of the most interesting, accessible and comfortable living standards in Europe. Come and try it out!

Brussels is one of Europe’s most affordable capitals, offering one of the best quality of life at a reasonable cost. Transport, real estate, and other amenities were consistently more affordable than in other European hubs.
It’s also one of the greenest cities in Europe, with 8,000 hectares of green spaces. You’re never far from a park, a cycle path, or the deep forest of Soignes, that stretches from within the city over some 45 km. Walking, hiking, biking and horseback riding are among Brussels residents’ favorite leisure activities.

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