Audio Visual

Brussels has an excellent reputation in the film and audiovisual sector. This reputation is due in part to the talent of its service providers, their professionalism and agility. But it is also a result of its ingenious Tax-shelter system, a federal tax incentive designed to support the production and design of audiovisual works.

With its large network of Belgian and international partners, the cluster, led by, offers tools and services that aid the development of projects, and support their growth, transition or international expansion. The cluster brings together over 160 Brussels-based audiovisual companies.

From the state-of-the-art facilities in to the comprehensive assistance offered by, Brussels has the skills, expertise and technology to help expand your audio-visual business.

Facts and figures


  • 40.000 jobs representing 11,5% of total employment
  • 25% of people in the audio-visual industry work in cinema, plus 17% in TV or radio, 12% in new media and 11% in advertising
  • 400 companies provide production, post production, distribution and facility services to the audio-visual sector


  • 120,000 jobs, representing 7% of total employment


  • 400,000m2 media park on the national TV site (RTBF-BRT)
  • New residential area for 6,000 inhabitants
  • 5,000 skilled workers live in the area
  • 60 media companies already established in the media park
  • Includes new buildings for VRT (55,000m2) and RTBF (38,000m2)
  • 30,000m2 for new media activities and companies

Tax Shelter

  • €1 billion investment over the last 10 years
  • €154 million investment in 2017
  • 556 productions financed to date
  • Government approved to encourage the production of audio-visual work in Belgium
  • Available to Belgian productions and international co-productions with Belgium

TV Broadcasters

  • Most simple licensing and regulatory regime across Europe


Business support including business creation, subsidies, international opportunities and partnerships, trainings and collaboration contacts.

Content funding of up to €500,000 per film for international co-productions (all languages) with expenses made in Brussels. funded 31 projects from 29 Brussels-based companies in 2017.

Company funding as a loan or equity for audio-visual companies based in Brussels.

Film commission
Logistic support, including scouting locations, shooting permits and identification of local crews. In 2017 screen. brussels supported 239 shoots, including 25% of international projects.

Dynamic at all levels

In addition to graduate and post-graduate degrees at VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles), there are also a number of technical high schools in Brussels offering high-quality audio-visual training.

International press hub
Major national and international broadcasters and press editors are based in Brussels, including 979 permanently based foreign journalists, 99 foreign TV broadcasters and 79 news agencies.

Open-minded regulator
BIPT, the regulator for international broadcasters not exclusively linked to one language community (French, Dutch or German), has transposed the AVMS Directive with only minor changes regarding advertising to children. They also recommend federal law requirements are never stricter than the AVMS Directive. Within the restrictions of the AVMS Directive BIPT is flexible and open to new ideas and collaborations (BIPT).