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bar-icon Starting a business

Bringing your business to Brussels? Access all the information an international company needs to create a company in Brussels...
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atm-icon Company financing

From capital to credit, learn about all the options available in order to make the best financing decision for your business ...
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check-icon Permits, regulations, and obligations

Find all of the information you need to easily navigate permitting, licensing, and other city authorisations required when do...
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bar-icon Growing your business

Ready to grow in Brussels? Take your business to the next level, with everything from growth strategy, exporting, innovation,...
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atm-icon Recruitment and human resource

Building your team? Get all the information you need to navigate human resource management in Brussels.
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check-icon Grants and incentives

Discover all the regional, national, and European funding opportunities available to help your business thrive in Brussels.
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Why choose Brussels ?
Brussels is the ideal place to run a European focused business at an affordable cost. As the capital of Europe, the city gives businesses access to key European decision makers and opinion leaders. Brussels is also renowned for its quality of life. Its position at the crossroads of Europe makes it a place where local and international cultures flourish side by side and a city people from all over the world love to call home.
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