The Brussels economy is existentially digital. Digital business
models and applications have penetrated almost all economic
actors and activities, regardless of the sector. Nowhere are
education, research, companies, start-ups, political power and
cultural initiatives so closely intertwined as in Brussels.

Brussels is the right place for your digital technology business.
From emerging startups to multinational headquarters, the city
offers the support you need to grow and realise your ambitions.

Facts and figures


Major international ICT Companies : SAP, Orange, Amazon Web Services, Google, Twitter, Altran, Sogeti, Phillips, Huawei, Proximus, SMALS, Numeca, Famoco …

  • 25% or 30,000 of Belgian ICT jobs are in Brussels
  • 33% of Belgian tech start-ups are created in Brussels
  • 2,000 ICT companies in Brussels


  • € 129 billion value of the Belgian digital industry
  • € 38 billion value of the Belgian ICT industry • 300,000
    jobs in the Belgian tech industry
  • 26,000 ICT companies in Belgium
  • Belgium is in the top 10 of the most advanced
    digital economies in the EU (DESI 2018)
  • 5th country in the EU in terms of Connectivity
    & Integration of Digital Technology


The big picture

EU and international institutions
Brussels is home to the EU Parliament, Commission and Council, NATO,
Eurocontrol and many other international institutions.

EU programmes and funds
Programmes and funds include Horizon2020, an €80 billion fund for
part-finance research projects.

Brussels: Smart City

Broadband expansion
To include the entire Brussels-Capital Region.

Open data
Public data is available and at the service of the public.

Widely available free public Wi-fi
To be expanded across the Brussels-Capital Region.

AI and Big Data
Over 25 AI and Big Data innovative startups in Brussels, supported by annual events.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Over 30 IoT innovative SMEs in Brussels with prototyping spaces available.

Fintech Economy

Priority for the Brussels-Capital Region

Initiatives and events
Including: Fintech Summit, Fintech Belgium and B-hive

Favourable regulations
Less strict conditions for obtaining Financial Institution legal status compared to other EU countries.


Brussels’ digital strategy provides practical support for ICT companies of all sizes.
Regional Trademark for all the digital strategies in Brussels.
Aims to boost ICT entrepreneurship in Brussels with a focus on Immersive Technologies, Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT). This includes funding opportunities and special programmes.

Startup and scale-up network
A combination of startup hubs, incubators, accelerators and coworking spaces across the city.

Software clusters
140 software vendors, experts and academia offering relevant individual and collective support.

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)
A network of 600 members in 60 countries. Strong cooperation between and EEN partners in Paris to encourage partnerships, enable networking and provide support.

137 worldwide recognised universities, high schools and training programmes for IT in Brussels.