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Why choose Brussels?

Brussels is the ideal place to run a European focused business at an affordable cost. As the capital of Europe, the city gives businesses access to key European decision makers and opinion leaders.
Brussels is also renowned for its quality of life. Its position at the crossroads of Europe makes it a place where local and international cultures flourish side by side and a city people from all over the world love to call home.

Why Brussels ? Because it is:

  • Ideally located in the heart of Europe
  • The centre of European decision-making
  • Home to an international and highly skilled talent pool
  • An affordable city that offers an excellent quality of life
  • At the forefront of the transition towards a sustainable economy


European purchasing power within a 500 km radius


international corporate headquarters established in Brussels


Belgium’s ranking for foreign direct investment (FDI) in Europe
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digital-tech Digital

The Brussels economy is existentially digital. Digital business models and applications have penetrated almost all economic actors and activities, regardless of the sector. Nowhere are education, research, companies, start-ups, political power and cultural initiatives so closely intertwined as in Brussels.

lifesciences Life Science

A vibrant ecosystem, buzzing with new ideas, projects and achievements. The ecosystem supports and accelerates start-ups and scale-up companies, promoting collaboration and cross-fertilization of ideas. Just as an example every year over 500 clinical trials applications are submitted by the biopharmaceutical industry in Belgium (12% of the European total), with applications being processed and approved quickly before over 170,000 patients participate in phase 2 and 3 trials.

film-strip-icon Audio-visual

Brussels has an excellent reputation in the film and audiovisual sector. This reputation is due in part to the talent of its service providers, their professionalism and agility. But it is also a result of its ingenious Tax-shelter system, a federal tax incentive designed to support the production and design of audiovisual works.
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