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From scratch to full stack in 5 months. This is the story of a school where students learn fast, and well, what sounds like Chinese to most people (it's actually Java… probably?).

From 0 to 1, the Wild Code School could count on to help it develop its activities in the European capital.

No one needs to attend MIT classes to be an entrepreneur in web development. Anna Stépanoff knew this, back in 2014, when she created a revolutionary alternative to college courses: the Wild Code School. Based on blended learning, this method allows students to be operational as soon as they leave the course, all in five months... And you don’t need any previous degree to enrol in it.

What’s the Brusseleir word for “Java Script”?

Her concept’s growing success quickly gave Anna expansion ideas. In 2018, the French super-coder decided to install her first campus abroad in Belgium’s beating heart: this mission was tailor-made for!

The agency’s teams helped her find her place within the Brussels tech ecosystem and anticipated the needs of the project. The existing very large demand for developer training confirmed the relevance of the project, and Anna’s surveys investigating the most sought-after type of web language were widely shared in the concerned networks.

Learning how to code: the new literacy standard

At the same time,’ teams assisted Anna in the obtention of subsidies and put her in touch with key players in Brussels technology, including François Blondeau, who then became the architect for the development of the Wide Code School Brussels campus.

With, I met a very professional team. They provided me with very personalised support, characterised by a human approach at all times.

François Blondeau, Wild Code School Brussels Campus Manager

But first things first: Anna needed an office where she could work on the project. So,’ Invest team offered to host the Wide Code School, free of charge, in their incubator, where Anna was sure to find everything she needed, like meeting rooms, offices, classrooms, and a place to network with other talented entrepreneurs.

An ever-increasing demand for coding skills

Located in the centre of the city, the Wild Code School Brussels has already taught over 30 students what’s probably the most critical skill on their CV. From one person, the team has grown to four collaborators, and evening classes are already scheduled to meet the ever-increasing training demand from aspiring developers.

This hunger for coding skills seems to know no boundaries: the Wild Code School already has 19 campuses in Europe, and will probably count more than 20 by the time you read this article. Who would have imagined such a fast… development?! (Sorry, not sorry.)