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Montreal-based Montrium has been helping life tech players collaborate and innovate more efficiently, while maintaining the high standards regulated content in this sector is subjected to, for almost 15 years.

Connect, the service platform it created in 2007, enables all companies
in the life sciences sector to collect and regulate clinical trial
information. In view of its platform’s success, Montrium is expanding
internationally, namely to the EU. And there’s no place like Brussels to
launch a European platform. Especially with a local, attentive and
proactive relay like to help it successfully deploy on
European soil.

Paul Fenton, Montrium CEO, chose Belgium as its European base: its high concentration in companies active in life sciences was key in this choice. The adventure began when Paul Fenton pushed the door of the Belgian consulate in Montreal.

Talent, research and developments

Soon, the first contacts were established between Montrium and the connection quickly established trust between the partners. The first mission of was to listen. The agency described Brussels’ corporate environment to its new Quebecois friends: tax system, commitment regulations, R&D financing...

Of course, finding a balance between the conduct of operations in Montreal and Brussels was incredibly important, as well as, very concretely, finding the best accountant, social secretariat and a bank for this specific type of endeavour, among many other administrative steps in the process. Thankfully, was there to accompany and facilitate the whole procedure.

"Had not intervened, it would have taken us much longer to integrate into the Brussels ecosystem."

Paul FENTON, Montrium CEO & President

Time, a critical and rare resource

But time is a critical resource better devoted to development! There’s basically none to spare. And there’s nothing like a peer ecosystem to help your business develop faster. So, immediately referred Montrium to its health and healthcare cluster.

Brussels, a lighthouse for Canadian ships

Montrium's offices are now located in the heart of Brussels and will continue to grow under the leadership of The objective? To gain ground in the life sciences ecosystem, but also - with support from the embassies - to promote Brussels as a host city for Canadian companies seeking to cross the Atlantic. The traditional friendship between the two countries certainly won’t hurt, but there’s no lack of objective reasons, like administrative and logistical support, for Canadians to bring their businesses over to Brussels.

"Our collaboration with is dynamic, efficient, creative, open, business-oriented and friendly. They have helped us to set up our European hub quickly and transparently.”

Paul FENTON, Montrium CEO & President