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Even in a city so full of wonders like Brussels, the Sainte-Catherine area is one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in town. Partying is on the menu, as in many of the citycentre's surrounding areas, but it's the restaurants that really make tourists' and locals' heads spin.

One of Brussels fairest jewels

Its lighthouse, the Sainte-Catherine church, was designed in the 19th century by legendary architect Joseph Poelaert, and shines its light of beauty on the lively squares and typical streets surrounding it.

Delights from the sea, and much more...

Located in the historical Brussels haven, its streets bare the names of former docks, and although the canal doesn’t water the basins anymore, fish still haunt many aspects of local life, especially the many mouth-watering restaurants’ menus. Some of the basins have become cobblestone squares hosting cultural events and markets, while other still offer locals and tourists the opportunity to enjoy the view while casually cooling their feet in shallow pools during hot summer days.

A dry haven full of life

The area’s houses and buildings have remained faithful to the typical Brabant architecture, serving as the perfect decor for an afternoon special beer on one of the countless tavern terraces where students, locals, tourists and fashionistas all mingle effortlessly to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, sometimes until hours that would shame the most experienced nightlife enthusiasts.

A treat for every possible taste

Be it concert venues, theatres, clubs, restaurants, bars, specialised boutiques or street vendors chanting the freshness of their seafood and other Belgian delicacies, anyone is certain to find the very pleasure they just cannot resist. And the breathtaking winter market never fails to leave newcomers in awe when days get short, erasing the melancholy of Belgium’s cold long nights.