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Farrah Floyd is one of three Berlin fashion and design brands that decided to give Brussels a taste... Of course, she fell in love with the city and decided to stay for good. Meet one of Brussels' new denizens: a fashion designer who believes ethics and sustainability are the future of her industry.

When emotion, quality and ethics meet to create a womenswear brand, it gets named Farrah Floyd. That’s a basic scientific fact. Wearing one of the chic pieces made by the young rising star of the Berliner fashion scene means cherishing it with the intention of passing it on to the next generation. Designed following an all-European, zero-waste production system using sustainable materials only, its anti-seasonal collections radiate elegance and sophistication.

‘Fashion has a huge influence on the whole world. We know there are a lot of ugly things connected to fashion but most of us cannot live without it. I want to erase all those ugly things and make fashion as beautiful as it should be – something that not only brings joy to those who use it, but also to those who make it.’ (Bojana Draca – Farrah Floyd creator)

Emotion, sustainability, quality, ethics

Bojana Draca created the Farrah Floyd brand because she wanted it to reflect her textile design skills while putting her Sustainability in Fashion degree to good use. Encouraged by a series of awards celebrating her passion for ethical design, Bojana decided to be a part of the sustainability revolution that she is certain will soon take over the whole fashion industry.

In its still very young existence, Farrah Floyd has already been praised for its fabulous aesthetics by major players in the fashion game, and hailed as an example to follow thanks to its modern, ethical, and environmental-friendly approach from design to production, and from the choice of suppliers to its social responsibility. Points of sales are naturally multiplying, online as well as in real life, including, of course, the Brussels pop-up store in the Dansaert area.

In a city blooming with green initiatives, young designers, fashion lovers and a general open-mindedness, the uniqueness of Farrah Floyd collections and their Berlin cachet have a favourable audience in the capital of Europe. And the people of Brussels love pioneers like Bojana:‘The world is slowly moving in the direction of transferring the entire fashion into sustainable one, and I believe one day it will be a must. I want to be among the first to bring change.