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Solvay building

The upcoming Solvay open innovation campus in Neder-over-Hembeek will be hosting a science and technology community focused on the development of advanced materials, products and processes for resource efficiency and sustainability.

This redevelopment aligns with the Belgian chemistry giant’s ambition regarding resource efficient solutions that bring answers to society’s challenges. With the support of and Brussels’ Economic Coordination Council, among other regional backup and counselling, Solvay’s open innovation policy aligns perfectly with the Region’s. General Manager Isabelle Grippa: “The preliminary reflections have made it possible to offer a campus that is as well integrated as possible into the urban environment and the economic fabric of Brussels. It is a real opportunity for scientific research and innovation in Brussels. Indeed, the ambitious Material Science Application Centre that is being created there will enable the Brussels Region to position itself as a major player in this field.

The new site offers tailored hosting options for start-ups and growing SMEs, buildings and land to welcome other R&D companies universities, as well as science and technology services like numerical simulation, mechanical testing, elemental analysis and automation for laboratories, among other things, in order to facilitate and encourage open collaboration.

Finally, the campus’ location and circular economy-orientated spirit should benefit the area’s residents, attracting researchers, students and workers from all over Brussels, but also from Flanders, Wallonia, and neighbouring countries.