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Jaqueline Martins and Yuri Oliveira 1024x683

Brazilian gallerist Jaqueline Martins will open the first outpost of her São Paulo gallery in Brussels next month.

The new gallery is located in Brussels’s renowned art neighbourhood Sablon, and will open on October 17th.

Despite economic uncertainty due to the coronavirus, Martins has decided to move forward with pre-pandemic plans to open a new gallery branch in Europe. Galeria Jaqueline Martins has made its name as one of São Paulo’s most pioneering galleries by bringing the work of many overlooked Brazilian artists to the fore, as well as that of foreign artists based in Brazil.

In establishing a location in Europe, Martins seeks to create closer contact between the gallery and its clients both on the continent as a whole and in Belgium itself, and says that Brussels has a “highly sophisticated and diverse understanding of art”.

Jaqueline Martins said that Brussels’ close geographical proximity to other major European art capitals like London, Paris, and Zurich had influenced her decision.

“Being in Brussels will help us to keep working to keep close to the community here.”