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A former London actor has launched The Bridge, Brussels’ first professional English-language performance theatre.

Inspired by other professional theatre companies based in Europe, actor Edward McMillan is sure there’s a market to be tapped into in Brussels. “English is so widely spoken here, not just by the expats but the Belgians themselves. There’s a massive expat community, more than 200,000 people live and work here”.

Brexit was the initial catalyst for the project which McMillan considers as “a way to bridge this widening gap between the EU and the UK”. He sees the theatre as a community hub for English speakers in the capital.

A professional English-language theatre has never yet been financially viable in Brussels. However, while The Bridge will have to generate its own income, McMillan hopes for support from municipal and regional authorities, and is hoping to create partnerships and source funding from institutions in the corporate and lobbying worlds.

“The Bridge will necessarily attract expats in positions of influence, and that could be valuable in partnering with various organisations,” he says.

Workshops begin this summer for children and teenagers.