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According to the EY report on foreign investment in Belgium published on 4 June, the flow of foreign investment in Brussels increased by 65% in 2018 compared to 2017 (61 projects compared to 37). This growth is in line with the strong growth (+50%) in the number of foreign companies supported by, the Brussels Enterprise Support Agency, over the same period.

While the share of British companies in the flow of foreign investment in Brussels remains relatively constant (15%). On the other hand, that of American companies is increasing significantly (16% to 21%); the USA is thus once again becoming the leading source of investment in Brussels (ahead of France). It is very likely that a series of projects initially intended for the UK have been redirected to the continent and Brussels in particular due to the uncertainties generated by Brexit. The campaign led by Brussels' regional authorities highlighting the Belgian capital's perks was widely covered in the media and has probably influenced these results.

EY also underlines the quality of life becoming the 3rd argument pushing businesses to invest in Belgium, paralleling other studies with similar conclusions about Brussels.