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From specialist incubators and state-of-the-art research institutions to flexible authorities and productive partners, Brussels is the perfect place to expand your life science business.

The life sciences sector in Brussels is a vibrant ecosystem, buzzing with new ideas, projects and achievements. The ecosystem supports and accelerates start-ups and scale-up companies, promoting collaboration and cross-fertilization of ideas.

Flourishing partnerships between international companies, hospitals, private labs, research institutes, health funds (ziekenfonds / mutualiteit), chemists and doctors benefit everyone involved and helping to increase direct employment in the sector by 50% from 2000 to 2013 (National Social Security Office).

How can Brussels help you?

The entire life sciences ecosystem is supported by the Brussels Capital Region. Thanks to our long experience with the sector, we know what companies need and want in order to achieve their ambitions, helping encourage further growth in the sector.

As an example, consider the importance of speed in the R&D lifecycle. When you first get your research idea, you can contact the local authorities (Federal Agency for Medicines & Health Products (FAMHP)) for assistance (if required). You’ll discover their international reputation for being flexible, open for new ideas and making fast decisions is well-deserved – as demonstrated by Belgium’s position as number 2 in Europe for clinical trials (, FAMHP,

Every year over 500 clinical trials applications are submitted by the biopharmaceutical industry in Belgium (12% of the European total), with applications being processed and approved quickly before over 170,000 patients participate in phase 2 and 3 trials. This is especially important as getting recognition for your life science medicine or medical technology by one European agency, means it’s recognised across Europe (, FAMHP,

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Els Vanpee - President BeCRO
Paul Fenton - CEO of Montrium