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From specialist incubators to the HQs of global service providers, Brussels has a widely diversified and stable financial sector, making it the perfect place to expand your business.

The finance sector in Brussels is a vibrant ecosystem, buzzing with new ideas, projects and achievements. It is a world-class centre for specialised financial infrastructure, has state-of-the-art knowledge about payment services and cutting-edge cyber security expertise (Febelfin* - Fintech).

The ecosystem encourages cross-fertilization between FinTech and new and established players, which could be the reason that there are currently 92 banks already established in Brussels, including commercial and community banks, international banks, universal banks and niche banks. Plus, Brussels is home to the HQs of Euroclear, Swift and Euronext.

There are also other financial service providers, including credit institutions, asset managers, brokerage firms, leasing companies and clearing and settlement companies. Furthermore, specialist incubators, including B-Hive, Start-it (KBC), Fintech Village (ING) and Co-Station (BNP Parisbas Fortis), all promote innovation and the growth of numerous start-ups. All signs of a sustainable and widely diversified financial sector (Febelfin*).

*Febelfin: Belgian Financial Sector Federation

How can Brussels help you?

The entire Financial ecosystem is supported by the Brussels Capital Region. Thanks to our long experience with the sector, we know what companies need and want in order to achieve their ambitions, helping encourage further growth in the sector.

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Rudi Benmeridja - AMLIN Country Manager Belgium
Martin - Watson Founder SW Visions