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Influencing policy and staying informed... All your key contacts with European and international decision-makers are right here.

Brussels simply has the world's second highest concentration of diplomats, and you're always certain to meet the people your business is looking for quite rapidly.

Brussels is Europe’s government relations and policy analysis nerve center – where companies inform and influence EU policy and stay informed on all aspects of European political developments.

It’s home to the European Commission and Parliament, several other European institutions, NATO, key European trade associations, industry bodies, and think tanks. This includes representative offices for all international and UN bodies, regions of the world, virtually every country on the globe, and international NGOs.

The 20,000 government relations and lobbyists operating in Brussels work across trade associations, professional consultancies, and the Brussels Representative Office.

The city has 20 EU organisations based right next to its city centre, including the European Parliament, Council, and Commission. In Brussels, you’ll find useful pathways to understand European policy developments that affect your business. Professional networks and analysts abound. It's the ideal place to build strategic relationships with decision makers to promote your company or sector to the EU institutions. Brussels is second only to New York as the world’s highest concentration of diplomats, with 200 embassies.