Brussels, international hotspot for the art market

Article Summary

Brussels remains attractive for the art market and continues to draw attention from art experts worldwide.

Brazilian gallerist Jaqueline Martins will set up a new branch in Brussels this year, as will Nino Mier, an Austrian gallery owner from Los Angeles.

Mier presents a mix of American and European artists at his gallery. The gallerist is convinced that Sablon can become a neighborhood conducive to the representation of current, living art.

He compares the Belgian art scene to that of Los Angeles.

“In Brussels, and of course in Antwerp, I perceive a comparable energy: a predominant attraction for painting and sculpture, intense exchanges between collectors.”

“For me, moving from Brussels to Antwerp is like moving from one area of ​​Los Angeles to another,” he says. “Antwerp is more dynamic, more hip, but Brussels has my preference because of its more serious, more old-school atmosphere.”

Mier will do six exhibitions a year in Brussels, and plans to also exhibit the Belgian scene in America.

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