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Try Brussels for Free

If your friends have ever visited Berlin, they usually namedrop the German capital in almost all conversations for at least two years afterwards...

More subtle people just mention of/Berlin, a concept store that offers a
curated selection of design souvenirs for people who really want
everyone to know that they visited the Prussian city.

All the products sold on the platform are either designed or produced in the German capital and you can even book guided tours of the workshops where the souvenirs are made.

"People in Brussels are much friendlier than Berliners! The city is also very diverse, and more importantly, it’s a laidback city, which we weren’t expecting. Who knows, maybe Brussels will become the new Berlin?" (Catrin Soldo and Vesna Zaneta, of/Berlin founder and owners)

More than a souvenir store: a whole new concept

After opening two successful pop-up stores in the hip Kreuzberg area, Catrin Soldo and Vesna Zaneta installed a permanent store in the very lively Bergmannkiez district. More than a shop, of/Berlin became a concept: the central point of a network where designers meet and exchange with local and tourist aesthetes, Berlin perfectly playing its role as both decor and atmosphere.

With all the hype surrounding Berlin these last ten years or so, the concept’s success is far from surprising. The guided tours of the workshops allow design lovers to witness the quality and complexity of the items available in the of/Berlin catalogue. This gives more depth and meaning to the whole experience, and puts a human layer on top of the hype surrounding the city’s vibrant culture.

As Berlin designers and fashion artists decided to give Brussels a try, of/Berlin was the perfect concept for the adventure, embodying the Berliner entrepreneurial spirit while offering a large catalogue of typical Berlin items. The modernity of the concept, its passion for the city and its crafts(wo)men, and the enthusiasm and synergies that surround it were certain to meet success in Brussels.