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Try Brussels for Free

Starstyling is one of three Berliner fashion and design brands that decided to give Brussels a taste. Their pop-up store, rue Antoine Dansaert, stayed open in Brussels for three months in the late summer of 2018, blessing visitors with their unique sense of fashion so Berlin!

The fashionistas among you certainly know starstyling already! The cheeky Berlin-based fashion icon, founded 18 years ago, has grown into a major player in the design industry, with collections of clothing and shoes for men and women, lines of accessories, a home design gamut, and a style that has become recognisable at a glance.

"starstyling is inspired by reflections…love and hate, colour and sex, consumption and self-awareness, esprit and suspicion. starstyling is prose on fashion and criticism in cotton…" (starstyling pledge)

Behind the brand are founders, CEOs, and fashion power couple Katja Schlegel and Kai Seifried. After graduating respectively in arts and communications, Katja and Kai put their experience in styling, costume and stage design to good use in the year 2000, when they founded starstyling.

An icon in the Berlin fashion industry

Now a landmark name in the Berlin fashion industry, their manually crafted items have conquered the world as over 70 points of sale around the globe proudly display their clothes, shoes and accessories in their vitrines, drawing customers into the shops thanks to starstyling’s eye-catching colours and materials.

So, when Katja decided to give Brussels a try and open a pop-up store rue Dansaert, we were quite thrilled, as the irony, provocation and all around good fun that the brand exhales perfectly fit with the playful and always-ready-to-have-a-laugh mentality of Brussels’ denizens. Even if, according to her own words, Katja first came to Brussels "to eat lots of chocolate", there’s no doubt the city’s atmosphere and passion for fashion are about to win over her heart.