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Vaessla elektroroller aus schweden blogger sunnyinga

A Swedish start-up has targeted the Belgian market for its expanding e-scooter trade.

Sporting an elegant Vespa-style look, the new e-scooters are being introduced by Scandinavian company Vässla. At just 60kg, the lightweight scooters should appeal to those who prefer a more manageable two-wheeler experience.

Vässla’s long-range model offers a battery life of 100 kilometres - more than two hours driving at full speed. Launched in Stockholm two years ago, there are now more than 2000 Vässla scooters in circulation in Sweden, and are now the most prevalent e-scooter brand in the country.

Two vehicles have already been delivered to a specialist two-wheeler dealership in Brussels, and were sold within days. The Swedish company’s first international foray was in Germany and it is currently expanding to the Netherlands and Spain as well as to Belgium.