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Ryanair will start flying once again from Belgian airports from July 1st, according to company CEO Michael O’Leary

Temperature checks and the wearing of masks will be obligatory, and all passengers will have to provide detailed information and their address in their destination country upon flying.

“These details will be communicated directly to the EU, which will guarantee their confidentiality,” said O’Leary.

According to O’Leary, both airports are keen to start flights again so long as hygiene measures are respected. The airline intends to return to 40% of its normal flight schedule starting from July 1st, on the condition that effective public health measures are put in place by airports. These flights will restore 90% of its route network.

Flights have already been booked from Belgium, said O’Leary, with primary initial destinations including Greece, Portugal, France, Italy and Spain. Inbound bookings have also been recorded, as people return to the country for work after the Covid crisis. “Many employees of the European Commission and other EU organisations want to go back to work,” O’Leary said.