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Brussels Airport terminal A

Airport testing for coronavirus has been introduced at Brussels Airport.

Covid-19 testing centres were opened at the airport on Monday of last week. Now passengers returning from red zones can be tested upon arrival at the airport and will be notified of their results within 24 hours.

For red-zone returnees, testing is covered by insurance in Belgium, with no cost to the traveller. The test is also available to departing passengers but they will have to pay the €67 fee.

A lab will be added to the testing centre at the end of September, at which time rapid testing will be available with results given within 3 hours – at a higher cost of €135 which will not be reimbursed.

80% of people returning from red zones are already being tested in triage points, says Federal Minister Philippe De Backer, Head of the Testing Task Force. He hopes that airport testing will encourage the remaining 20% to also get tested, “because there is no reason not to do so. We are making the system as accessible as possible.”